Robb Bower Present the Julian Blues Bash

Announcing the 17th Annual

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Event gates open in . . .

Tickets available at the gate, the day of the event.

Hello Again Fellow Bluesheads !!

Well, we're only a few weeks out from our 17th year's celebration !!
Man 'o' man where does the time go ?? 17 year's ??!! Whoa !!

It's been an interesting few weeks leading up to our show. I've had quite a lot of fun at other local festivals lately. Catching up with my fellow Bluesmen / Blueswomen
and seeing a lot of old friends too ! Very Cool !!

Gator by the Bay, Doheny coming, and even going to see the Rolling Stones soon !

So... there's no moss on this Blueshead !! I am very excited about our 17th year's show...The fantastic Bayou"Blues"Brothers on our Back Porch stage , they'll keep the music jumpin' all day !! Chet & The Committee to open the show... smooth swinging !!

The McCoy Brothers Band. My guys and I have been getting ready for this for awhile now, and can't wait to take that stage and bring it to you!! What blows me away is, that we've got all three of our Blues Kings coming back at one time !!

*** Gino Matteo, Boscoe France and Jonathon Boogie Long ***

Each one of these fine seasoned Blues guitarists has been down a long road since last we've appreciated them !! Gino's been out on tour, almost constantly! Touring Europe and the States with Sugar Ray & Co. and he speaks of the newest CD they cut together and he was very excited, writing and playing all the greasy guitar parts !!

Boscoe opened for BB King recently and said he was humbled ! Talk about a notch on your guitar strap !! Also his recent documentary " Shoeless Blues " has been playing on PBS all over the country !! A great story about a Father, his love for his family and his musical journey, quite touching I must say !!

And last but not least... Jonathon Boogie Long. Playing up and down the eastern seaboard, blowing folks minds, playing a scorching set at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, making people sit up and notice and recently opening for ZZ Top ! Would liked to have been a fly sitting on a roadcase for that show !!

So we're ALL in for a treat...because when these three Monster Guitarists get up on our stage and play their individual sets...we will be wowed ...again by their amazing talent !

*** BUT ***

When all three of these Gentlemen get up on that stage... and play TOGETHER to close our show... it should be EPIC !! Something I'm sure we all will be talking about for some time !!

So take care Y'all , please help pass the word...and I'm looking forward to seeing all your bright , happy , familiar faces again !! Blues Par`te Julian ...ON !!

God Bless BB King and his Family...till then Bluesheads !!

The Robbster

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