Hello Once Again My Fellow Bluesheads !!…and Welcome to the 2018 Julian Blues!!

Well…this year we will all be together for our 20th Year’s Celebration of being a Family of Blues Lovers !! I want to thank all of you that have attended and supported us over all these past years !!  Thank you all so very very much…” We Are Family ”

I want to thank my Maggie and my entire family for their love,devotion and support of my dream,without them, none of this could or would have even been remotely possible !

I Am…Truly A Lucky Man !

My sincere thanks to all of our friends that have pitched in to help and support our event, all our volunteers, all the great people in the town of Julian, The Julian Chamber of Commerce, The Julian Merchants Association and of course Toni and Mike Menghini at the Menghini Winery !!

I have met, made music with and instilled lifelong friends with many of the fantastic performers that have graced our stage in these past 20 years ! To them all… I send love and continued success in all of their musical endeavors !! What a long strange trip it’s been !

I want you all to understand that this will be my …

Last Waltz ” …20 & Done !

I hope to negotiate with another local promoter the possible continuance of the Julian Blues into the future…we’ll see…stay tuned…

People’s priorities can sometimes change as they get older and hopefully a bit wiser !

I will be taking my leave of absence to finally get myself and a few good friends into the studio to produce the record I’ve wanted to make for years now !  After all…we ain’t getting any younger, and I feel that now is the right time to focus on my own music and get it down as my own personal legacy… and for my family and friends !!

So…this year will be an outstanding performance of many musical friends, and an Allstar Jam Session…that will not soon be forgotten !!

This year’s performing artists will consist of…

The return of Ben Robinson performing his upcoming album which is “Unplugged”. I’ve known Ben since we first met when he was just 17… his aura and talent blew me away! He and his music have grown so much and I personally, am so very proud of him !! So glad to have him join us all the way from North Carolina for this final Bash of Bashes !

Recently I have become friends with a very talented Blues musician from Portland Oregon. His music is very prophetic and haunting…He and his band have played The Big Blues Bender in Vegas, The Chicago Blues Festival and of course the Waterfront Blues Fest in Portland as well as many other great events over the years !! We’d like to welcome Billy D and the HooDoos to our 20th year’s show lineup!! Sit up…and listen folks !!

We are blessed here in San Diego with a wealth of Blues talent! A short time ago I was able to catch a set of an outstanding Blues vocalist named Casey Hensley. Her dynamics and her command of the Blues just blew me away, she gave it her all…and all from her heart !!  Outstanding !!…and I just knew we had to have her and her band with us this year !! Get ready for this ! Welcome Casey and Company !!

Time left until Julian Blues 2018 begins!

-183Days -16Hours -26Minutes -55Seconds

>>>> Ticket Info <<<<

 Festival Music starts at 11:00 a.m! See you there!

Gates open at 10:00 a.m.

Parking is $1.00

Recently a friend turned me onto a seriously talented guitarist from Sydney Australia. As we spoke on the phone and I watched him on YouTube, I was convinced and determined to have him join us this year as a ‘Guest Artist’…His name is Simon Kinney Lewis.

Over the years I’ve met some really great guitarists and he will surely fill your need for the Blues…and then some ! Whoa !!

I have some long time friends at Intrepid Artists in Charlotte N.C. and they suggested I look into a fellow named…Nick Schnebelen. Growing up in a musical family from Kansas City, Nick took to guitar like a duck to water !  He originally started a band named… ‘ Trampled Under Foot ‘ which won the 2008 Albert King Award, then won the Memphis 2005 IBC ( International Blues Competition ) So we invited him and his band to join us to share his unique and fiery Blues stylings…and thankfully he agreed !!  Hell Yeah !!

Welcome to our stage Nick !!

Over the years, only a few have set the Blues bar like this Gentleman from Shreveport … He has enamored us with his gentleness, fierceness, soulfulness, and his ability to reach out and capture his audience and simply tear up the stage…we whole heartedly welcome back for our final curtain call…Mr. Jonathon Boogie Long.

Of course my band The McCoy Brothers will be there to perform many of our newest originals with our…Southern Fried-Southern California style !

Our ‘Back Porch Stage’ will be graced this year by a band from the Ventura area that I’ve known for many years and they will amaze you and take your dancin’ shoes to the test… Crooked Eye Tommy  Welcome fellas !!

So there you have it Bluesheads !  This 2018 swan song will go down in our Blues history… and you’ll not want to miss it !! Google / YouTube these performers and you’ll see !

Make your plans now, take care of each other…and…

We’ll See Y’all Soon…On The Mountain !!   Cheers one and all !!

The Robbster