Well it would have been almost time for our annual get together up in the mountains ! But it seemed like a good idea and time to move on  after our last year’s 20th show!

And as they say…”All good things must come to an end.” It was one hell of a ride !

I’ve run into quite a few loyal Blues Bash friends here and there recently and the folks I’ve talked to have been so gracious with their comments and feelings. Sure makes a guy feel good !

They’ve asked me …” what are we going to do in June this year ? ” My answer: “go on vacation like me ! “…Find some live music, take a friend and just enjoy life !

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that have taken part in our celebration after all these years ! Your smiles,hugs and faces will live in my heart forever !! All the behind the scenes folks, Spectrum Sound, our stage and sound crew ( God Bless Joe D’Amico) our fantastic hospitality team Dana and Super Dave, the guys and gals that helped park cars, our clean up crew, our photography team Jon Naugle, Jerry Manning and Jeff Beelor that helped us to document each year’s event! My dear web friend and guru Oscar Medina who kept our website fresh and current each year! All the assorted artists that helped me bring my artwork to life !! And…each and everyone of the fantastic performers that graced our stage that shared and gave their all to their performances!! My thanks to the town of Julian and of course… our hosts Toni and Mike Menghini, without their love and support, it might not have ever even happened !! … What a long strange trip it’s been !!

Now we move onto a new chapter in life ! I am still involved in live music performances aka The Yuma Boogie, Brews & Blues Festival each February, and this year, part of The Gator by the Bay team ! The McCoy Brothers are still alive and well making fantastic music! But the best part of having some extra time is that I am now able to get into the Blitz recording studios, with friend, engineer and producer Richard Livoni ! He is amazing! We have completed 7 songs so far in the last few months and I’m super excited and blown away with the results ! After all of these years writing and making music…this is a dream come true ! Once the album is complete, I’ll let you all know how you all can get a copy !! Most of all… I want to thank my family for their support and standing by me all these years helping me achieve my dream ! My wife Maggie has been my rock ! My daughters Carrie, Katie and Jenna have been so very supportive and patient with me! My brother Chuck Bower all the way each year from Wilmington North Carolina !! There were some days he just stepped up to the plate, took the reigns and just plain and simple … made it happen !

Well Bluesheads I guess that just about says it all…send me a note if you have a hankering to!

And I send out best wishes to my extended Blues family wishing you all…Good Music, Good Vibes, Good Health, Love & Light ! Music Heals, God Bless ! and… Cheers !

The Robbster