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Hello again from Blues Bash Central!!

I hope this note finds you Bluesheads happy and well!! Things are really heating up for our 16th Annual get together!!

I was telling a " nubie " Blues Bash fan about our show the other day, the usual ...why, where, when , and how. One of the things that came up was that I was most proud of , how we've become almost family over the years! Seeing each other again. The smiles , handshakes and hugs!! On our yearly day together, not only do we celebrate great Blues music, the mountains , sunshine , fresh air ...we celebrate us!! Almost like a big family reunion!! That's what makes us different! If you've attended more than certainly know what I mean!! So very cool, 'cause those smiles mean the world to me ... Enough ...on to the NEWS!!

This year's talent is going to blow you away!!  I mean it!!  Our line up is super strong...and y'all are gonna dig it!! This part of putting together the Bash is the hardest...finding just the right performers to showcase!! I know you've come to expect a fantastic show...and  I guarantee this year is a total winner... all around!!

From the Inland Empire we will welcome back 15 year old Blues guitar phenom ...Chase Walker and his band.

Recently back from the Memphis International Blues Challenge, where he really raised some eyebrows and made folks sit up and take notice!!  Yowzer!!  Welcome The Chase Walker Band!!

Next...Daytona and The Blues Side Rockers from Temecula and parts north!!

I first met Daytona when he opened for Kenny Wayne Sheppard at the Ramona Main Stage. His 3 piece band came out the gate with guns blazing.. some really great hard edge blues...that fits us perfectly!! Welcome Daytona!! boys ..The McCoy Brothers. What can I say ? except we've been busy writing some great new tunes ... that I do believe y'all will be able to boogie to!! with a bit of Southern flavor...

Next...San Diego's own...The Blitz Brothers. If you've been in or around San Diego for the last ...oh say 30 years or so...then you've probably heard of Richard Blitz's guitar prowess... if not... then you finally will!!  Blues coming at 'cha like a freight train!!  Welcome The Blitz Brothers!!

Next...From L.A .  The Dallas Hodge Band. Dallas and I have been conspiring to get him to one of our shows for some time now...and this is the year!! Dallas fronted the band Canned Heat for the last 10 years or so... and for awhile now, has been out front of his new band...and they kick butt!!  His voice is like a mix of gravel and silk...not to mention the hot licks that pour out of his Les Paul'll see ...hear! Welcome ...The Dallas Hodge Band!!

Next...Mr. Boscoe France...all the way from Kentucky...where the grass is blue..and so is Boscoe!! In 2012 Boscoe won the nationwide Guitar Center's " King of the Blues " easy chore I might add!! His playing simply floored me...his phrasing, tone, composition...all right on the money!! with the help of a few friends (you know who you are M.W.) I was able to spend quite a bit of time on the phone with!! Two crazed guitarists, comparing notes, equipment, know...the stuff that makes your wife or girlfriend's eyes roll in their heads.Ha!!..but we of the "guitarded " persuasion just love that shit!! It was like we'd known each other for years...can't wait to meet him in person...and of course jam! "Come West...and we'll do the rest!! " I told him...This will be very'll see!! I am very excited about these performers!!

And last ...but not least!! Our new and improved "Back Porch" stage will be manned this year by San Diego's own... Chet and the Committee...get yer swing on ...and dance til you drop!! Welcome Mr Chet Cannon and friends!!

The "Sweet Sixteen " musical puzzle is complete!! Well folks that's about all the news that's fit to print...

Oh yeah...**Flash**...we will be having some gourmet Food Trucks join us at the festival this year... lots of cool yummy food choices...that won't take you to the poorhouse!!

So, I hope you will join us again this year... bring more friends and family... make your plans for Saturday June 21st... for some weird reason it's not Father's Day weekend...oh well!! Tickets available 4/1/2014 not ... an April Fools joke baby!!

Send you thoughts , questions, and well wishes!! Take care until then Bluesheads!! Be Cool!! Support Live Music!!

The Robbster

Celebrating 16 Years of Blues Bash!

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